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A Deconsecrated Church: An Open Letter To “Queen” Plus Review of Etat Libre d’Orange Rossy de Palma

Dear “Queen,” You are not Queen without Freddie Mercury. No one is Queen without Freddie Mercury. Mr. May, I used to have the utmost respect for you. After all, you are the only person in the entire world that I … Continue reading

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Divine Duality (Jardins d’Ecrivains Orlando Review)

New York is my first love, and it is the only love that has never once disappointed me.  From auction houses to Rockefeller Center to dive bars on the Bowery to the Port Authority bus station, I love every inch … Continue reading

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A Place Up The Country (Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache Review)

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a place in the country.  I use the word “place” to be deliberately vague for the opposite reason that rich people refer to their mansions as cottages.  Specifically what they had was … Continue reading

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Fragrant Encounters In The Real World

I’m standing in the checkout line at the supermarket tapping my foot, because it’s the slowest line– it always is if I pick it.  I’ve got the Sunday blues even worse than usual because yesterday I spent the day in … Continue reading

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Head Rush (Perfect Coconut Milk Review)

This review is going to change up my usual format a little bit, partially because I am afraid it is turning into a shtick, and I hate shticks, and partially because sometimes you just want to shut up and enjoy … Continue reading

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Is This Your Celebrated Summer? (Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling Review)

Before the world ended (as my business partner likes to refer to the housing bubble/job market/stock market crash of 2008), I was a person who on occasion got to experience things outside of my station. One such thing was the … Continue reading

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Roses and…Relish? (Maria Candida Gentile Cinabre Review)

If you want to woo me, don’t bring roses. Nothing intended to please most women pleases me, and while it’s true that it is the thought that counts, when you can buy “a dozen exotic roses for $9.99” while you’re … Continue reading

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