Red Carpet Redux/Grammy “Style” Swag Bag Draw


Red carpet moments come few and far between for most of us who inhabit the real world, though I’ve had a couple of them because of the industries I’ve worked in (I was part of a team that won a technical Emmy eight past lives ago, and I’ve been backstage at New York Fashion Week, agonizing for weeks over what to wear, only to realize in the event that absolutely no one was looking at me when there were supermodels and rock stars around so it just didn’t matter).  But all of us have our moments in the spotlight, whether it’s your wedding day, a presentation at work, or hosting a party.  

If you’ve ever stood in a checkout lane at the supermarket, you’ve seen a “Stars Without Makeup” feature and realized the big difference professional beauty products make.  Tonight, in honor of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, we are giving away a swag bag filled with $300 worth of beauty and fine fragrance to one lucky U.S. reader on Cafleurebon.  Prizes include products from Antonym Cosmetics, Orlane Beauty, Leonor Greyl, Intraceuticals Skin Care, Votre Vu Cosmetics, and En Voyage Perfumes by Shelley Waddington.  This incredible prize is the next best thing to having your own makeup artist.  As for me?  I’m already in on these secrets, and Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.  

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