Five Highly Improbable Things I’d Like To See Happen In The Fragrance World In 2014

Konstantin Yuon - New Planet 1921

Konstantin Yuon – New Planet 1921

It’s Christmas Eve and as I get the rest of my commitments in order for the holiday I am already looking ahead to resolutions for 2014. This year, instead of making them for myself, I have decided to make them for the fragrance industry. As improbable as they may seem, I would love to see these events come to pass in the new year:

1. One of my favorite fragrance etailers changes their name to Emergency Roadside Assistance, Inc. Twisted Lily? Osswald? Anyone? I know it is counterintuitive from a marketing standpoint but those of us that share finances with significant others would find it significantly easier to indulge our habits if that name were to appear on bank statements. Think about it. Please?

2. Slumberhouse Zahd replaces Bitcoin as the preferred virtual currency among the cognoscenti. I became aware of the Bitcoin thing a bit too late, but thanks to Cafleurebon I am expecting one of those two hundred precious bottles early in the new year and based on the reviews I’ve read the exchange rate will skyrocket.

3. A country other than France suddenly becomes more prominent in the perfume industry. I have nothing against France; in fact, I love it and at one point wanted to live there. I desire this solely because in spite of eight years of French lessons, trying to correctly spell names like Jardins d’Ecrivains on my Android is giving me fits. (Clever readers right now are thinking of Biehl Parfumkuntswerke and giggling…)

4. Le Labo City Exclusives expands to include some less obvious cities. I love the idea of this line but frankly, its creative direction could us a bit more imagination. Anyone can make New York, London, Paris and Tokyo look glamorous. I’d like to see what they can do with Schenectady or Dusseldorf.

5. The niche fragrance category expands to include potable fragrances. Creed fragrances already have vintages of sorts, like fine wines, with their batch numbers, and “boozy” fragrances like Matriarch Sacre Tabac are gaining in popularity. Why not take this idea all the way and make a scent 100 proof? Most of us in the modern world have become experts at multitasking and it’s time to demand more from our fragrances. I say we start with a good buzz.

My ideas are a little out of the box, but this is a creative industry; we can handle it. What would you like to see happen in the fragrance world in 2014, whether serious or silly?

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20 Responses to Five Highly Improbable Things I’d Like To See Happen In The Fragrance World In 2014

  1. Vicki PW says:

    I would love to see more high end fragrances be available in multiple sizes. And a reversal of the ban on all the wonderful ingredients like oakmoss. Lastly I live near the beach and if I got lucky enough to find ambergris there, I’d love to be able to collect it legally 🙂

  2. Vicki PW says:

    PS – I’m so with you on potable fragrance. Happy holidays Nancy!

  3. Undina says:

    Last year I published My Wish List for thePerfume Industry. Do you think they’ve listened? 😉

    Happy Holidays, Nancy!

  4. lucasai says:

    I’d love a Le Labo Warsaw exclusive

  5. Natalie says:

    I would love to see #4 happen! Would be so much more interesting.

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