A Return To Glamour And A Glamorous Drawing (Jardins d’Ecrivains La Dame Aux Camelias, Etat Libre d’Orange Putain des Palaces)

ImageIt’s an elusive topic to define, but we all recognize it when we see it.  It’s something our mothers and grandmothers found accessible on a daily basis, and yet it seems to slip out of the hands of even the top celebrities of our day.  It’s so lacking from everyday life that there is a college course at Notre Dame University devoting to relearning this lost art, and yet I believe a large part of the fragrance obsession is a thirst for its return.

Micheyn Camen and I may not have met in person (yet), but we have bonded over our mutual love of glamour, and today on CaFleureBon you can see the results of some of our musings as well as enter a fabulous draw for two incredibly glamorous perfumes, Jardins d’Ecrivains La Dame Aux Camelias and Etat Libre d’Orange Putain des Palaces.  We’ve found two of the critical elements of glamour (mystery and sex appeal) and can help you achieve them with this fabulous draw!  

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