Dior Mitzah Decant Giveaway: Winner Not Yet Chosen


Thanks to all for entering! Random.org had chosen Undina but she informed me she had said she wasn’t entering because she has a full bottle. I am going to redraw but I have a broken fuse at my house and no Internet. Too difficult to do from the phone so please expect a redraw sometime next week. Thanks for your patience!

J’adore Dior, really. I have an inherited vintage Dior mink that has my name sewn in it (inherited it from my grandmother for whom I was named), and while I would never buy a new mink coat, it makes me feel like a queen. When I was a bride I became infatuated with a blush Dior ball gown that didn’t even look like a wedding dress, and almost spent 5 figures on it until I noticed that everyone else’s reaction was “it’s your day; if you like it, wear it.” If I were rich and thin my whole wardrobe would be Dior couture, as it is the house that most matches my own aesthetic.

For this reason, the idea of Dior La Collection Privee Mitzah was a no-brainer to me. Available only from one boutique in the United States? Inaccessibility makes my heartstrings sing, I am a big fan of amber in almost all of its permutations, and this review made me certain I would go mad for this rare beauty.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how great something is on paper (I wonder how long it will be before that metaphor no longer makes sense?), it just doesn’t work on my skin. No matter how much I can appreciate Mitzah, the honey note turns to ammonia on me and makes it unwearable.

The great thing about fragrance is that there are no mistakes. What doesn’t work for me may be pure heaven on you. For this reason, I would like to offer my 5 ml decant of Mitzah (which is in a chic glass atomizer thanks to the wonderful person who did a split) to one lucky reader so that it goes to a good home and is properly appreciated. Please comment noting a fragrance that other people seem to love that doesn’t work on you before midnight Eastern time on Thursday, August 8. Winner will be selected via random.org and is open to readers worldwide. In the meantime, I am off in search of another impossibly chic, emotionally unavailable scent to obsess over.

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35 Responses to Dior Mitzah Decant Giveaway: Winner Not Yet Chosen

  1. I’ve been contemplating testing Mitzah and would love to try a sample! My big fragrance others love but I don’t is Angel. On me it smells like used baby diaper. 😦

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Tora says:

    I do not need to be entered, but I have a feeling you are going to make someone VERY happy!

  3. Nancy – you just made me go read the Kafkaesque review again and I see your point… sounds lovely. I wonder if it would work for me??!! Thanks for this wonderful draw. I have not yet tried any of the Dior Privee line….maybe this is just my chance to do so!

    • Hi Scented Hound- thanks so much for entering! I love that review even if the scent doesn’t work for me. 🙂

      • I just realized that I didn’t say what everyone loves but what didn’t work for me…and that would be Seville l’Aube by L’Artisan Parfumeur. All I heard were raves and love for this…to me it was just sour and noxious. Blechhh.

      • I have not yet tried that one. I seem to agree with your opinion on a lot of things so I’m going to have to guess there’s no rush for me to do so. 🙂

  4. Nadja says:

    Rume by Slumberhouse is a generally loved fragrance that I expected to love but that just turned horrible on me. It literally smells like urine and rotting hay!
    Mitzah sounds like it would be right up my alley so I’m crossing my fingers!!

  5. Undina says:

    I love-love-love Dior Mitzah and have a FB to prove it (so no need to enter me into the giveaway) but I understand how it might not work for some people’s skin. Be glad you bought just a decant (and at a split price it wasn’t much more expensive than to buy a smaller sample from a decanter site).

    Chanel No 5 doesn’t work for me – no matter how hard I tried. Neither did Shalimar and several more classical Guerlains.

    • Undina, I am so glad you got a bottle of Mitzah if you love it so much! I am glad I got to try it and glad I am going to get a chance to make a reader happy. 🙂 And I detest Chanel #5 and can’t wear Guerlains because they give me migraines.

  6. Kafkaesque says:

    Thank you for the link love, Nancy! (But somehow, the link doesn’t seem to work for me? My technological curse seems to be striking again. I get a sort of error page.).

    I’m sorry Mitzah didn’t work for you, but skin chemistry is a wonky thing. Hell, there are so many massively loved fragrances that go completely south on my skin, so I can understand the disappointment. Rubj, the Zelda that you love, and so many others — just didn’t work for me. But I know you’ll make someone very happy with the chance to try Mitzah, and it’s very generous of you.

    (No need to enter me in the drawing, obviously.)

    • You’re welcome! Will go check the link as soon as I am back at the computer and fix it.

      I am quite terrified to try Rubj after your experience with it. :).

      • Kafkaesque says:

        Oh God, please don’t remind me. LOL! But, I don’t think that was quite normal, so I’m sure you’ll be lucky and I’ll be quite envious of your glorious experience.

      • Well, that’s how I am about your experience with Mitzah. 🙂 As much as the rational side of my brain is saying it is good to not have fallen in love with a discontinued fragrance that is really beyond my budget already, part of me is sorely disappointed that it is unwearable on me. (I can sense all the wonderfulness but that ammoniac note never goes away.) I am also happy though that I get to make someone else very happy with the decant. Okay, off downstairs (I have been replying via iPhone) to check that link!

        Edited to add that I fixed it now– it wasn’t you. 🙂 I am glad I went with WordPress because it does so much but I still find the interface a little confusing. Somehow I put two https in there.

  7. Vicki PW says:

    Could you enter me please Ms. Knows? Thanks so much!

  8. Annina says:

    Oh I love Mitzah! At the Dior boutique within NM in San Francisco, I contemplated a bottle, but left with Vetivert.

  9. leathermountain says:

    I would love to enter. Let’s see…. Creed’s Royal Oud smells great on my wife and suffocating on me. Thirdman’s Eau Nomade also smells fantastic on her and bitter on me. And then there are all of those little vials sent around the world. Mostly I give away the ones that don’t work on me. And a lot of times people send me something that I love. So I figure these things find a good home eventually.

  10. Joseph S. says:

    great giveaway would love to try, thanks for your generosity.

  11. Lyubov says:

    Hallo Nancy,
    thank you for the generous draw! I love Mitzah but nowadays I cannot afford another rose perfume (I’m a rose sucker, indeed) for that much money and mililitres. However, I am pretty enchanted by its sweet flaunting chic! In terms of the much-ado perfumes that do not work on me – Dior’s J’adore and Versace’s Crystal Noir. Especially, J’Adore – it turns out to be a soapy headache monster. The niche perfume world is surprisingly ‘mild’ to my senses. There are just a few things that bring out my nausea and they are not from the most loved group – PG Bois de Copaiba, Nasomatto’s Absinth, CdG Sherbet Cinnamon…

    • Hi Lyubov, thanks for entering! I have the same experience as you- most department store fragrances make me ill but most niche don’t. I wonder if that is a comment on the quality of ingredients.

  12. Lyubov says:

    I guess that’s one of the reasons, but there are cheap fragrances that comfort me, too. Ulric de Varens Lily Prune Patchouli Chic, for instance. Pitty it is not available everywhere and I have just a little left on the bottom of the cute bottle.
    One hell of a classic summer fresh scent makes me dizzy, as well – L’Eau par Kenzo. Actually, most of Kenzo’s fragrances are not working on me. How come…?

  13. Thanks for the draw! One thing which just doesn’t work for me is Thierry Mugler’s Angel, and in fact, most of the fragrances from Thierry Mugler. Wonder why…

  14. There are so many, but top of the list? Iris Silver Mist. Smells like feet on me (and I loooove iris, so this makes no sense).

  15. cynpathy says:

    How very generous! Shalimar is the scent that does not work for me. Too, too sweet!

  16. dawn mcpartland says:

    What a fun contest! I love reading your reviews. I love sniffing my way through Sephora and malls. I always go back to my old standbys. But I remember back in the day loving how Youth Dew smelled, but it always was sour on me.

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