By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Perfume Review


I smell sex and candy...uh, I mean basmati rice.

I smell sex and candy…uh, I mean basmati rice.

I like men. Like, a lot. My husband has an abundance of testosterone and I’ve pretty much adhered to the same type since I was four years old and prayed that Tony DeFranco would wait ’til I grew up to get married.

This is one of the reasons I support gay marriage so strongly- this should be blatantly obvious to everyone at this stage of the game, but if I was born this way, isn’t everyone else born the way they are too?

But in spite of the fact that I firmly believe two men or two women should be able to marry, I would fall over in surprise if I ever fell in love with a woman- I’m just not built that way. The fact that I’ve fallen in love with By Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad shocks me almost as much as the former scenario.

At least I *like* women, if by like you mean have them as friends and family and think they are an essential part of society. I don’t LIKE By Kilian at all.

I find the line’s marketing pretentious and disingenuous. Every piece I’ve read starts with something like “Kilian wanted to disassociate himself with the famous Hennessy name.” Okay, so why keep bringing it up? (I have the same question for Jakob Dylan, who I otherwise adore. If you want to disassociate yourself, why aren’t you Jakob Zimmerman?)

I don’t like the fact that the guy keeps posing in a waistcoat like he thinks he’s a Rolling Stone. (Yes, he’s good-looking. I’m a cranky old bitch who once gave the finger to Keith Richards in person; take my opinion for what it is worth.)

I really don’t like the copy that sounds like it is meant to appeal to Twilight fans, and I ESPECIALLY don’t like the high price that is mostly due to packaging I find overblown and ugly.

I don’t like feminine fragrances for the most part. I don’t like fruity florals, and I really don’t like tubereuse. I don’t like any of the four previous By Kilian fragrances I’ve sampled. I dislike all of the above so much that I gave up and never bothered to try Good Girl Gone Bad until last night.

In fact, I only tried it because I was specifically looking for a fragrance I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like. This sounds crazy but I was trying to use it for negative conditioning. See, I’d just fallen in love with a sample of Neela Vermeire Trayee and couldn’t afford it. My bright idea was to put on something I was sure I would hate and hope it would mentally turn me off the Trayee until the corset stays on the budget loosen over the summer. Good Girl Gone Bad was an easy choice.

So what do I do? I stupidly fall in love with her. Trust me, this is like if I were single and went on, and in spite of the fact that I prefer men, matched me to a woman with nail decals and breast implants (two more things I dislike), and I went on a first date with her because I thought it would make a funny story but was certain I wanted to marry her by the end of the night.

Good Girl Gone Bad has top notes of jasmine, osthmanthus and may rose (see, there goes that twee marketing again; roses don’t know what month it is!); middle notes of Indian tuberose and narcissus; and base notes of amber and cedar, according to Fragrantica. Lucky Scent, where I purchased my sample, has slightly different notes listed.)

On me, this opened with a velvety peach that reminded me of the Bellinis I would have ordered in Piazza San Marco had I not been sixteen and innocent when I visited, though maybe that’s appropriate since this peach has a virginal quality. (I’ve since had Bellinis in Saint Mark’s Square in New York, but American ones have far too much liquor in them.)

Most of the complaints about Good Girl Gone Bad center on the fact that the good girl never goes anywhere. I must be one of the lucky ones. She warms up on me into this sexy scent that I was racking my brains trying to identify it until I realized it was basmati rice. (Other reviewers have called it “freshly removed panties.” I dare you to smell basmati rice again and not make the connection with, um, feminine wiles.)

There is a tiny hint of candy underlying this, like Jordan almonds or Pez, but it doesn’t irritate (you’re probably sick of hearing about what I don’t like by now but I’m not a really big fan of sweet fragrances either). After an hour or so I also get a lovely rich coconut, buttery but not waxy (guess how I feel about wax?), which I understand is actually the tubereuse.

All of these build upon each other, meaning I can still sense the peach and basmati (which in reality must be the jasmine). In one sense, the scent is linear, in that the basic elements remain, but in another sense, it shows more facets over time.

Sillage is arm’s length and lasting power on me is twelve hours and counting! By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad is available from several sites in the US, including Aedes, and in europe from the By Kilian website.

I owe you an apology, Mr. Hennessy. Your good girl is a heartbreaker.


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11 Responses to By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Perfume Review

  1. kathleen says:

    Now I must resniff!

    • Hi Kathleen- I highly recommend giving it a second chance! It definitely grows on you, though I think this one is especially vulnerable to personal chemistry (other people smell pickles!).

  2. Kafkaesque says:

    Spectacularly funny, honest, direct and thorough review. I loved every single bit of it! You truly have a knack and bring something very different to the table. Bravo! I cannot say it enough, Bravo!

  3. Liz says:

    I never thought of fragrances as so complex. They are simply a love/hate thing for me, I never knew people analyzed them like wines!

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  5. Anka says:

    Thank you for the wonderful review. This is a perfume my husband picked for me within 30 seconds of shopping. Unfortunately it gave me a headache for another 12 hours. I am the one person that Good Girl is “stuck on”, and it never gets to amber or cedar for me, but lingers on tuberose. Is there a fresher alternative? I got mine In Sachs Fifth Avenue in NY ,I am sure I can trade, if I know what to point myself toward.

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