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Smoke and Mirrors (Slumberhouse Jeke Review)

Growing up in New Jersey does things to you. One of them is becoming acclimatized to peculiar smells. (The word peculiar these days has a negative connotation, but I mean it in its original sense, which is unusual, strange, unconventional … Continue reading

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Modern Vampires (Blood Concept O)

I dream I am stuck in some remote town. Not sure why I am there, but I get the feeling my car broke down and I lost my wallet. My family is with me but I am exploring on my … Continue reading

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The Phantom Vacation (L’Artisan Poivre Piquant Review)

My father-in-law died in 2007 after a twelve year battle with cancer.  Before this, my husband was turning 40 in 2007 as well, and to commemorate the latter I was planning a whopper of a family vacation.  We were going … Continue reading

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By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Perfume Review

  I like men. Like, a lot. My husband has an abundance of testosterone and I’ve pretty much adhered to the same type since I was four years old and prayed that Tony DeFranco would wait ’til I grew up … Continue reading

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Les Nereides Oriental Lumpur Perfume Review

There is a story in my family that when my mother was in high school, she won a scholarship based on not false but mistaken pretenses and faulty translation.  Her maiden name was two syllables featuring staccato vowels.  This was … Continue reading

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Vintage Houbigant Raffinee Perfume Review

I’m not a huge vintage fragrance fan, probably because they really are much stronger than modern fragrances and Lyme disease gives me migraines when confronted with sillage monsters.  However, I’ve been dipping my toes into those waters lately, partly to … Continue reading

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Ava Luxe Bois Exotique Perfume Review

When I heard raves about indie perfume house Ava Luxe and learned that it was hand-blended in Boston by a fellow Italian girl, I just had to try it.  After spending weeks drooling over the descriptions of her many fragrances … Continue reading

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